What is Audiology ?

Audiology is the science of hearing.

Audiologists are University trained specialists who are able to assess your hearing  and provide advice, referral to other health professionals and rehabilitation.


What is an Audiologist ?

Audiologists are specialists who assess how people hear, and who use various technologies and therapies to help people with hearing and balance problems.

Audiologists are university graduates with extensive and ongoing postgraduate training in hearing sciences and human communication.

Audiologists are the only hearing health practitioners who provide services to people of all ages, from babies to older adults. Audiologists also provide advice to other practitioners and organisations about hearing care.

Audiology Australia is the national body that represents Audiologists and sets the Standards of Practice for Audiologists.


 Information from Audiology Australia.

 Who Has the Right to Use MAudSA(CCP)?

Audiology Australia awards the Certificate of Clinical Practice (CCP) to Audiologists who have attained Full membership of Audiology Australia and who have completed a Clinical Internship. Audiologists who meet these requirements and who participate in a Continuing Professional Development program monitored by Audiology Australia are entitled to use the letters MAudSA(CCP). They have demonstrated that they have up-to-date clinical knowledge and skills.