How Hearing Aids Help Us Hear

As we age our hearing deteriorates; for some, this is a slow process and for others, it can happen quite rapidly. Either way sensorineural (inner ear) hearing loss is permanent. Hearing loss affects communication ability which can impact significantly on people's quality of life. Hearing aids don't give you back normal hearing but they will improve you ability to communicate and therefore improve your quality of life.

To choose a hearing aid that is best for you , we need to not only know you degree of hearing loss but also:

The style you would prefer and your need for accessories. This includes:

  • In the ear
  • Behind the ear
  • Optional remote control
  • Open fit BTE

What technology will best meet your communication needs and lifestyle. Such as:

  • the need for a volume control
  • do you need a telecoil
  • In what types of situations do you want to improve your communication; watching TV, with the family, shopping,meetings ......

All of this is just as important as your degree of hearing loss in recommending the appropriate devices to provide the best outcomes for you.